Donald Trump gives White House Press Room credentials to blog called ‘Donald Trump has the best hair’

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The writer behind the ‘Donald Trump has the best hair’ blog has been given a permanent seat at the front of the White House press room, according to reports today.

Blogger Simon Williams said he was surprised at the invite, but admitted he is delighted his relentless and tenacious quest to show how good Trump’s hair is, has finally paid off.

He told reporters, “We at Donald Trump Has The Best Hair are committed to bringing our readers news on how great the President’s hair is. It’s the best hair. Seriously. Lots of people are saying it.

“Sometimes the President is outside, and it moves like the sail on powerful sailing ships of yesteryear, other times he is inside, and it remains solid like the rock upon which our great nation was founded.

“It is always great, just great, and I look forward to bringing my readers more news on how great it is.”

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters, “As the President’s request, every day we will start with a discussion about how great the president’s hair is.

“The dishonest people working in the lying media will tell you his hair is chaotic and disorganised, but that’s just more fake news.

“The press should inform the people about what is happening in the White House, and what is happening right now is that the president’s hair is being absolutely tremendous. It’s the best hair. So great.

“Thankfully the good people at Donald Trump Has The Best Hair are now here to finally get the truth out to the American people.”