Church of England gay vote in chaos after members use the wrong passageway

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A hugely important gay marriage vote has been thrown into disarray after bishops went up the wrong alleyway.

Two voting chambers “For” and “Against” were erected for members of the General Synod, one at the front entrance of Canterbury Cathedral and one at the rear.

However, in the event, many holy men found themselves confused about which one they really wanted.

Meanwhile a bus sent to transport clergy to the chambers arrived empty after it turned out a large number of them were actually on the other bus.

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said, “It seems that at the time of voting, those who intended to use the front entrance actually found themselves crammed into the rear.

“So many members in one entrance.

“I myself initially chose the correct entrance and then moments later went up the wrong ‘un.”

Choir boy, Simon Williams, said, “Force of habit.”