New Shadow Treasury Secretary is woman Jeremy Corbyn met in Aldi

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The 409th shadow cabinet reshuffle of the past year has seen appointed to the post of Shadow Treasury Secretary a woman Jeremy Corbyn met in Aldi while doing his weekly big shop.

The speed in which Eleanor Gay, 46, was promoted to a senior position in Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet has surprised many, as only yesterday morning she was a driving instructor in the North London area.

“Well, I’m honoured, obviously,” said Ms Gay.

“Sadly I won’t be able to start until lunchtime on Tuesday because I’ve got an eleven o’clock with a young lad whose got his test on Wednesday.”

Ms Gay went on to explain how she came to be appointed Shadow Treasury Secretary.

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“I was in Aldi stocking up on their gin – which is surprisingly good given their frugal reputation – and all of sudden this chap came up to me and asked if I’d got any qualifications in maths.

“Well, it was Jeremy Corbyn, so I told him that I had. I’d got an O-level, but that was quite a time ago and I wasn’t sure how much I remembered, he said it wasn’t that important and would I like to be Shadow Treasury Secretary.

“So I said yes.”

It is understood that the new Shadow Business Secretary is bloke from the pub who occasionally sells a few knick-knacks on eBay.

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