Facebook to add ‘punch’ button for responding to posts by Nazis

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Facebook is to add a new reaction button to reflect the current political climate, they have confirmed this morning.

The social media site introduced a variety of new reactions over a year ago, but demand from users means a new one will be added so they can respond appropriately to that one guy on every thread who has a Knights Templar icon as his user profile and goes on and on about Rothschilds.

The new reaction will join possible reactions as ‘Love’, ‘Haha’ and ‘Angry’ under the heading ‘Ka-Pow!’.

“You can usually spot them; if they’re got a picture of a knight, a piece of classical statuary, or a gun as their profile pic then you can be pretty sure that sooner or later they’ll post something that defies known science or easily verified facts,” said Facebook spokesman Simon Williams.

“They’re usually followed fairly quickly by someone with a twibbon or a roundel with a number in it doing much the same.

“Have you ever noticed how they’re always really fat and going a bit thin on top? Strangest thing.

“Still, here’s the new button. Knock yourselves out. Or, you know, someone else.”

Facebook had sought to license the cover of Captain America #1 as an icon, but quickly realised that would involve them spending money to improve the site and soon dropped the idea again.

In the interests of balance, the site has told alt-right users their stunning meltdowns when presented with evidence which contradicts their Breitbart-bubble-generated opinions will also be accommodated.

“We’re adding a snowflake-shaped button just for you,” they were told.

It’s always cool to punch Nazis – get the t-shirt here!