Cambridge student who burned £20 in front of homeless man tipped for bright future in Tory party

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The Cambridge student filmed setting fire to a twenty-pound note in front of a homeless person is well on his way towards having a promising career as a leading member of the Conservative Party.

Conservative party officials spotted the young talent after Snapchat footage of him burning cash in front of the homeless man circulated the Internet.

Party official Sir Simon Williams told members, “This bright young man is exactly what we are looking for to take the Conservative party into the next decade.

“We’ve all burnt cash in front of these street eyesores, but to sacrifice a twenty-pound note that he could otherwise be using to snort cocaine is quite remarkable.

“Who knows, with this kind of attitude for those less fortunate than himself this chap could one day secure the top job at number ten, or at least become work and pensions secretary.”

He concluded, “If anyone knows how we can contact this splendid fellow, then please let me know I’ll order the pig in.”

It is understood that following the announcement, Michael Gove was seen grabbing a box of matches and some twenty-pound notes before scurrying down to the local homeless shelter.