‘Why should we care about child refugees?’ ask total psychopaths

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As the Government closes a loophole to allow child refugees into Great Britain, total psychopaths from across the country are asking why they should care about lone children fleeing war.

Experts explained that it has become socially acceptable in recent years to parade a lack of empathy or conscience as a matter of pride.

As such, the Government is now able to introduce changes that will lead to the likely death of innocent children across the world while being cheered on by this new breed of psychopathic voter.

“Child refugees? They’re not my problem, are they? Why should I care?” asked Simon Williams, a team leader for a major insurance company and clearly a total psychopath.

“I mean, they’re from the Muslim world, so the Muslim world should look after them, shouldn’t they?

“Although, come to think of it, even if they were from somewhere in the West then that’s still not really my problem, is it? We should look after our own first, shouldn’t we? From this country.

“Except for the scroungers and that. I don’t see why I should care about them, and people who aren’t from around here. I mean, if people aren’t from my town then why should I care? Well, my street. No, my family. No, me.

“I’m the only one who matters. Me. I’m the only one that’s real.”

Mr Williams, like many psychopaths, showed no real interest in solving the refugee problem.

“I’m not sure; we could use more bombs I suppose?

“I don’t care, really.”