Start your own website, people demanding ‘balance’ told

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People on Internet comments threads who think joke writers aren’t pandering to them enough have been told to start their own fucking website today.

Demands for balance are usually made by people who hold minority opinions which they are desperate to make seem more popular than they are, by insisting other people write what they say and offering nothing in return.

Complainers organised a protest about the situation, but the first meeting fell apart after everyone there demanded someone else do all the work.

“It’s not fair,” said commenter Simon Williams.

“Joke sites run by a bunch of idle piss-takers in their spare time should make more of an effort to give equal mockery to all points of view, even shit ones like mine.

“You haven’t run a joke about the things I dislike since 9:47am on the 13th of January, which proves you’re just a part of the biased red Tory agenda.

“I’d write the jokes myself but I’ve got no sense of humour,” he clarified.

However, William Simons disagreed.

“I think you have a moral responsibility to write jokes about things I dislike at least as often as anything else, despite the fact I’m a bit of a twat and my opinions are based on some random words I pulled out of a bran tub at the BNP Christmas fayre,” he insisted.

“I submitted a hilarious piece about black lesbian immigrants dying which was comedy gold, but the anti-white racists who run the site didn’t take it.

“Fortunately it was later accepted by the Daily Mail.”

When asked, joke writers said they didn’t know what all the fuss was about as they nick all their content from the Rochdale Herald anyway.