Man sitting in A&E with a cold insists NHS crisis ‘due to immigrants’

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A man sat waiting in A&E because he is sure his cold is life-threatening has expressed his anger at the immigrants causing a crisis in the NHS.

Ben Matthews, 42, said he’s had to wait three hours already and will likely be here till late tonight simply because of the open borders forced upon the country by the EU.

He told us, “It’s crazy, here I am suffering unimaginable discomfort due to some deadly virus that mimics a common cold, and these immigrants get straight to the front of the queue just because the babies they’re having are about to die. It’s outrageous.

“The NHS simply can’t cope with these malingerers coming from all over the world just to get seen by our soft-touch system; they’re all wasting valuable doctor hours that could be spent seeing me.

“My nose is red-raw, look at it, and yet the triage nurse simply didn’t care when I went up to remind her I was here, just because she was ‘too busy’ trying to help some eastern European fella who’d lost a finger in an accident at work. It’s disgusting.”

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Triage Nurse, Sharon Walters told us, “Oh, we know Ben quite well.

“You think he’s cross now? You wait till he finds out he’ll be seen by a Latvian doctor, get some tissues from a Polish nurse and that later tonight his chart will be reviewed by a consultant from Nigeria.”

“Still, it’s better than when he came in last week with a lightbulb stuck up his arse.”