Donald Trump to let daughter Ivanka set up clothing stall on White House lawn

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Donald Trump has reacted to Nordstrom dropping his daughter’s clothing line by agreeing to let her set up a stall to sell clothes to White House visitors.

The upscale department store said it would no longer be carrying the fashion line run by the President’s daughter as not enough people were buying it, which President Trump has described as ‘incredibly unfair’.

President Trump told reporters, “Ivanka makes great clothes, truly great. The best clothes. Anyone who says different is a total loser. So sad.

“Which is why I will be letting Ivanka set up shop right outside my office on the White House lawn, where visitors will be gently encouraged to buy from this up and coming businesswoman.

“Do not listen to the haters, this is in no way me using my position as President to further the business interests of my family – I would do the same for any small businesswoman who had been dropped by a department store.

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“This is a great victory for the American dream, and shows that any 35-year-old woman can open her own clothing store at the White House as long her daddy is a billionaire President.”

Press Secretary Sean Spicer further clarified the deal, telling the press pool, “Contrary to rumours, Ivanka Trump was not dropped by Nordstrom, she dropped them, after receiving a much more lucrative offer to open a concession at a leading central Washington location.”