Company HR department accused of radicalising young recruits

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A corporate firm’s HR department has been accused of radicalising the most recent batch of impressionable young graduates.

The graduates, who were tricked into joining a mid-size IT solutions provider, were subjected to three days of intense indoctrination passed off as ‘induction’ and ‘orientation’.

Some of the extremist beliefs being shared were that job security is a given, IT careers lead to meaningful relationships, and that there is definitely a chance of career progression.

Simon Williams, a former victim of this style of radicalisation told us, “I have suffered the mental baggage of thinking my career was meaningful for years.

“I used to wear my company key card around my neck as a badge of honour, to show the movement I was part of. And also so that the ladies would know how grounded and career-driven I was.

“It was years before I realised it was all nothing more than a ruse by the leaders to motivate me into doing their bidding.

“I don’t think even the teachers themselves believed the rubbish they were preaching.”

The company is also accused of branding graduates with different coloured key cards so that no-one asks them any questions and everyone is forced to listen to their ridiculous attempts at positive contribution.

Williams concluded, “I hope they throw the book at them. It’s about time someone was made to pay for corrupting these young minds into believing that sitting behind a desk is the way to eternal happiness.”