OK, maybe the NHS isn’t going to get any more money, concedes Brexiter

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As the NHS crisis continues, Brexit voter Simon Williams has reluctantly conceded that maybe the health service won’t be getting any extra Brexit money after all.

Williams, who voted to leave the EU due to what he perceived as ‘immigrants taking all the jobs’ and ‘EU taking all the money we could spend on the NHS’ has said that it’s beginning to look like maybe the NHS isn’t as important to the government as he thought.

He told us, “£350m a week is a lot of money, but I’m not an idiot, I knew the NHS wouldn’t get all of that money – I thought maybe half, perhaps another £5bn a year to help treat sick people.

“But here we are looking at people sitting in hospital corridors for hours on end and A&E waiting times of thirteen hours. Why haven’t they fixed it yet? Why has no-one said, ‘Don’t worry, Brexit is coming and it’ll be fine’?

“I’m beginning to wonder if people like Boris, Gove and Hunt actually care about the NHS at all.”

Williams was asked if the fact that the NHS is struggling despite the country voting to leave the EU, means that he might regret his decision to vote for Brexit.

He explained, “God no, it hasn’t changed my mind at all, we got our bendy bananas back!”

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