Heston Blumenthal spotted buying cheap snail porridge in Asda

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Top Chef Heston Blumenthal has been snapped buying bulk £1 bags of snail porridge in his local branch of ADSA.

The porridge, which he sells for eighty pounds a bowl in his fancy restaurant, sells for only £1 a kilo bag in supermarkets – leading to outcry from customers that they are being ripped off.

Also in his basket were a selection of other foods from the deli counter including several ice-cream pork pies, a catering-sized tub of egg and bacon ice-cream and a dozen family-sized bags of giant raspberry pork scratchings.

Blumenthal’s restaurant, The Fat Duck in Bray, is well-known for charging high prices for strange food mixtures to people desperate for a jam roly-poly kebab in their way home from the pub at 1am.

Customers at his restaurant took to twitter to express their outrage, with one saying it was the last time he was going to pay hundreds of pounds for a liquid nitrogen milkshake now it was clear it comes from the Nesquik aisle at Morrisons.

Defending himself, Blumenthal said that bulk buying food wasn’t his normal practice, but sometimes there just weren’t enough snails in his garden to make the porridge customers demand.

“Slugs just don’t have the right texture,” he said. “Believe me I’ve tried.”