Man who regularly calls people ‘snowflakes’ outraged by beer advert

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An American Twitter user who refers to an average of twenty people every day as ‘snowflakes’ has announced his plans to boycott Budweiser because they made an advert featuring the immigrants to who created it.

Chuck Williams, age unknown, said he would be boycotting Budweiser for the foreseeable future because they made a little film that offended his delicate sensibilities.

He tweeted, “Time to #BoycottBudweiser – The Super Bowl is supposed to be my safe space.

“How dare these precious snowflakes come in here and force me to watch a short film demonstrating the value of immigrants to the American way of life.

“If they want to express their libtard opinions they should do so in a place where I don’t have to see or hear them, like it says they have to in the constitution.

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“They’re all virtue-signalling liberal cucks who hate America, clearly.”

Williams has changed his twitter avatar to him drinking his new favourite beer, a ‘good old American Carlsberg’.”

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