Any and all stories about me being great are TRUE, confirms President Trump

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President Trump has tweeted to confirm that all stories about him being great are absolutely true and should be taken as gospel.

The prolific Twitterer got up early on Monday morning to ensure his twitter followers were made aware of the fact that any and all sources of positive information regarding his administration should be considered factual, regardless of what the mainstream media tells you.

He tweeted: “All the positive stories about me are 100% True. I have night vision. Can fly when no-one is looking. Enormous Hands. All TRUE. Don’t believe the FAKE NEWS!”

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Supporters have welcomed to tweet, claiming it gives evidence to their belief that Donald Trump is an incredible man capable of amazing things.

Trump voter Chuck Williams told us, “If anyone is in any doubt as to whether Donald Trump is telling the truth, you only have to look at his Twitter feed – he says it’s true right there, and the President doesn’t lie.

“If he tells me that every media outlet saying anything bad about him is ‘fake news’, then so be it.

“No, shut up libtard, this is my truth!”

Political commentators have said President Trump is well on the way to keeping his election promises.

As one explained, “He does look like he’s going to Make America Great Again – but apparently, he’s going to do it simply by repeatedly insisting that America is Great Again, and demonising absolutely anyone who dares to disagree him.

“He might also redefine ‘great’ as ‘slightly worse than before’.

“Flawless plan, absolutely flawless.”