Woman channels spirit of the Blitz to make do with ration of three iceberg lettuces

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A London woman has channelled the spirit of the Blitz in order to make do with her meagre rations of three iceberg lettuces today.

Cheryl Williams, 30, was visiting her local Tesco when she was informed by a customer service announcement that she would be rationed to just three iceberg lettuces due to shortages.

She told reporters, “I was shocked, it made me feel like I was back in the great war, just like the stories my Nan used to tell me.

“I mean, yes, technically I only wanted one iceberg lettuce, but knowing I couldn’t buy four of them, in the middle of winter, is just what it was like living in London in the early 1940s.

“But it’s ok, really – you don’t need to worry about me. Being a good British sort I’m not afraid of a bit of adversity, so I’m not going to moan. I’ll just get on with it; stiff upper lip and all that.

Williams then went about the rest of her shopping muttering that there will be hell to pay if they start rationing frozen pizza.