Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway insists she was murdered during Bowling Green Massacre

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President Trump counsellor Kellyanne Conway has criticised media outlets accusing her of making up the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’, insisting that not only was it real, but she was murdered during it.

Conway was speaking to MSNBC when she explained that two immigrants allowed into the country by Barack Obama’s refugee policy committed the Bowling Green Massacre that no-one had ever heard of.

However, when challenged on the allegation, Conway doubled-down to accuse reporters of bias against her just because she was killed during the attack.

Conway explained, “I remember the Bowling Green Massacre vividly, as I should, having been shot to death by an immigrant during it.

“I bled out on the pavement purely because Obama didn’t properly secure our borders – my death is on his hands.

“I would still be alive today if the Liberal left hadn’t let in all these brown people who wanted to kill me.

“I don’t know what more tell you, if my murder at an ‘alternative’ massacre isn’t enough evidence to convince you that Donald Trump is our saviour, then nothing will ever convince your blinkered mind.

“I feel sorry for you.”