The Very Hungry Caterpillar given gastric band

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A caterpillar with a serious eating disorder is to be given a gastric band on the NHS.

The Caterpillar, which has been seeking help after uncontrollably eating increasing volumes of fruit, finally was given the go-ahead for the operation after making itself ill on Saturday with a huge blowout.

Doctors decided on the procedure after pumping the Caterpilar’s stomach for a variety of foods including chocolate cake, ice-cream, pickle, cheese and salami which had been consumed in an orgy of self-destructive despair.

Whilst the all-fruit diet was not thought to be too bad, consultants concluded that the Caterpillar’s relationship with food had got out of hand and direct action was needed.

However, the NHS paying for the operation has not proven popular with some.

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“Why can’t this Caterpillar just use some self-control?” asked commenter SiWills87 on the Daily Mail website.

“look at his bright red face. He’s clearly got high blood pressure from a lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. It’s about time we stopped supporting these weaklings and made them stand on their own two hundred feet.

“If it just ate sensibly and did a bit of exercise it would be a beautiful butterfly in no time.”

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