Labour MEP: “I couldn’t fit ‘Farage is a wobbly-faced racist shithouse’ on the sign”

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The Labour MP who held up a sign saying ‘He is lying to you’ behind Nigel Farage as the ex-UKIP leader addressed the European parliament has explained why he did so.

“It was a matter of practicality really,” said Seb Dance.

“It was only a small sign and I had limited space. I had wanted to write something like ‘Farage is a wobbly-faced racist shithouse’ on the sign, but was hampered by lack of space, so I settled on the simpler ‘He’s lying to you’ instead.”

Mr Farage was midway through explaining to everyone how much he bloody loved Donald Trump and how bigotry and hatred of Muslims on a national scale was definitely a brilliant idea when Mr Dance held up the sign saying ‘He is lying’ in the background.

A photo that captured the moment quickly went viral.

“It was a spur-of-the-moment thing really,” continued Mr Dance.

“It wasn’t ideal, but to really express what I felt about Nigel, I’d have needed a forty-foot-long banner and words like ‘careerist’, ‘scumbag’, and ‘self-serving, loathsome f*ck-headed cock-knobber.’ But I made do well enough, I think.”

Mr Dance went on to explain that he did some regrets about the incident.

“Yes, I think that if I’d been thinking more clearly, I’d have realised that ‘C*NT’ would have fitted perfectly on the sign.”