Nigel Farage spends European Parliament session dreamily doodling Donald Trump’s name

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Nigel Farage has been criticised for spending today’s session at the European Parliament drawing love notes for Donald Trump.

In a day which saw heated discussion about immigration in the US and the EU, a smitten-looking Farage spent most of the time with a sheet of paper and a series of colour felt-tip pens.

As one MEP who sits near Farage explained, “Sometimes we listen to translators, or take notes on issues important to us, but Nigel seemed intent on creating a stylised version of ‘NF + DT 4EVA’ – whatever that means.

“At one point he tore out a sheet of paper and folded into one of those games where you ask questions to find out the answers – he must have asked it ‘Does Donald really love me’ about a dozen times before crumpling it up and angrily throwing it across the room.

“He didn’t seem to mind the criticism aimed at him from other MEPs, simply shrugging it off with ‘I don’t care, I’ve got a new boyfriend, and he’s miles better than you’.

“I don’t think he’ll be back tomorrow; he seemed to think his new boyfriend was picking him up at the gates in his car to take him to the movies.

“He literally skipped on the way out. I thought I might puke.”