Ban isn’t a ban, insists press secretary for man who called ban a ban

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has denied claims that the travel ban Donald Trump described as a ‘ban’ is, in fact, a ban.

The denial came during a heated press conference in which Mr Spicer accused reporters of accurately reporting events that undoubtedly happened.

“Using words that President Trump definitely used is another example of the dishonest media using words that President Trump definitely used in an attempt to discredit him,” he said.

“The media will be held to account for unfairly recognising words that President Trump unquestionably used when describing his own actions.”

President Trump backed Spicer and insisted that his specific use of the word ‘ban’ when describing the ban had been misinterpreted.

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“Let me spell it out for you,” he said.

“B-A-N-N, Ban!”