Thumbs-up becomes new Nazi salute

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The thumbs-up has started to replace the Nazi salute as the preferred hand gesture of far-right nationalists.

Experts in this sort of thing predict that an increase in the far-right’s thumbs-up usage could lead to the traditional Nazi salute completely disappearing by 2020.

Vladimir Putin, Marine Le Pen, Heinz-Christian Strache and Matteo Salvini are among a number of prominent far-right figures to have adopted the gesture,” explained body linguist Simon Williams.

“Donald Trump’s hands are in the thumbs-up position so often that he’s starting to resemble a fascist Fonz.”

On the rare occasions that he’s not holding pints and fags, Non-MP Nigel Farage is also an enthusiastic thumbs-upper.

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“I’m not sure the thumbs-up will catch on with Ukip voters,” he admitted.

“To be honest, most of them can’t even get their knuckles off the floor.”

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