PETA demands that Space Marines do more to protect threatened Xeno races

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Ethical pressure group PETA have called upon the Emperor to extend protection to endangered Xeno races such as Tyrannids.

Saying that the expansion of the Imperium has been responsible for widespread devastation of a number of major races including the Laer and the Kinebrach, and PETA are insisting the Emperor formally establishes and respect the rights of all non-human races.

Proper supportive relationships with animals, such psykers partnering with Jokero and the Eldar’s symbiotic partnership with the Gyrinx, are possible even in a Dark Future of unrelenting war – and the group have suggested that as Orks have feelings too perhaps a little protective kindness and maybe a hug would be more helpful than a barrage of multi-melta shot.

A positive first step would be to disband the Ordo Xenos and ensure that every Chapter of Adeptus Astartes has a properly accredited environmental officer with the authority to prevent unsustainable weapons use.

“Look at the carnage we have inflicted amongst our fluffy space-brethren from both inside and outside the warp. All those poor, innocent Osirian Psybrids lost,” said PETA Spokesman Simon Williams, wiping away a tear.

“We even boast about it – you’ve got the Space Wolves going on that ‘there are no wolves on Fenris’.

“I ask you, is that the mark of a civilised species?! Animals are just as good as people when you think about it.

“When we’ve got the Emperor on side with this change in the Codex Astartes, we’ll be demanding the Necrons stop wearing flayed human skins unless the humans have voluntarily agreed to the process.”

Simon was about to say more when he was shot in the face for Heresy by Commissar Caiaphas Cain, who immediately received another medal and a parade for his prompt action.