Members of Alt-Right angry at being tarnished by same brush as Quebec terrorist

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Without the merest hint of irony, self-identified members of the Alt-Right have expressed anger at being tarnished by a single terrorist who happened to be part of the same Alt-Right movement.

MAGA cap wearing fan of words like ‘cuck’ and ‘Snowflake’, Simon Williams, told us, “This is the work of cucks and snowflakes, definitely.

“It’s so unfair, just because this terrorist was part of the same group, believed in the same things, and looked like a lot of us, doesn’t automatically make us all terrorists.

“What sort of simpleton assumes the Alt-Right are all terrorists just because a member of Alt-Right committed a terrorist attack? Pepe the frog is not the sign of a terrorist group.

“Are you not reading the Daily Mail and right-wing press? He’s a ‘lone wolf’ – not a terrorist. Can we get our preferred narrative correct please?”

The Alt-Right movement has garnered support from some unexpected quarters.

Muslim leader Faisal Farhud told us, “I don’t think you can blame an entire group of people just because of a couple of bad eggs among their ranks, it’s really not fair. Every large group of people is going to have a few bastards in there.

“But that said, the Alt-Right movement is clearly chock-full of complete arseholes, so feel free to blame away.”