Theresa May to prevent dangerous hate-preaching extremist entering Britain on State Visit

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Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged to prevent a dangerous US citizen from entering Britain under the guise of a state visit.

New Yorker, Donald J Trump, has been under surveillance by the British Secret Service after making a number of hate speeches, dressed as an orange clown,

Authorities have requested the temporary ban until they can figure out just what the hell is going on.

The ban could cause huge delays at airports as queues are scanned for small-handed wankers talking shit.

Trump has reacted angrily to the proposed ban, claiming he is being judged unfairly by the colour of his skin.

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The 70-year-old former businessman denies any extremism and slammed reports of him persecuting Muslim refugees as ‘fake news’.

Earlier Boris Johnson tweeted it was ‘divisive and wrong’ to stigmatise people based on them being a total fucking dickhead.

And London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, said Britain should not be rolling out the red carpet for Mr Trump in case he becomes invisible.