Home-grown terrorists hail Donald Trump’s attempts to restrict foreign terrorists

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American terrorists have declared themselves overjoyed with President Trump’s attempts to restrict Muslim extremists from entering the country.

The newly elected President signed an executive order banning entry to the US from the only seven countries in the world where terrorists live.

“This is genuinely tremendous news,” said Jamal Ahmed, a fanatical Muslim terrorist who was born and raised in California.

“You always worry with a new administration that they are going to try and quash all terrorism, but it seems that President Trump is going out of his way to promote home-grown terrorism.”

“If he wasn’t a Godless infidel who deserves only death and hell, then I’d probably quite support him.”

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Simon Williams is a fanatical, far-right anti-abortion extremist from Idaho.

“Finally, we have a President who gives a damn about terrorists from America and is going to stop all these foreign terrorists coming in and stealing our opportunities for terror attacks.

“Speaking as a borderline psychopath with extreme views, he’s my kind of President, and I dedicate my next attack on an abortion clinic to Mr Trump.”

It is expected that President Trump’s measures will not reduce deaths on American soil as a result of foreigner-led terrorist attacks, because in 2016 there weren’t any.

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