Donald Trump claims petition for him to spend more time with Queen has five million signatures

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Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to assure everyone that a new petition calling for him spend even more time with the Queen during his state visit now has more than five million signatures.

After facing accusations that his state visit to the UK was proving less than popular with the British people, Trump said he was actually incredibly popular in Britain.

When questioned by reporters, Trump explained, “The Brits love me, they do. Lots of people are saying it, lots of people.

“They want me to spend more time with the Queen, millions of them want that, and they’re using online petitions in record numbers to make that happen.

“The people have spoken, and they want a new kind of state visit, and only Donald Trump can make that happen.

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“I promise you now; I will make state visits great again!”

White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, was asked by the press pool for a link to the online petition.

He explained, “This is just typical of you fake news organisations, just typical, trying to take down our new President.

“Of course there is a real petition with five million names on it, yes there is, shut up!

“A guy on Twitter said it, so it must be true, why would he lie?”

Spicer refused to confirm whether the ‘guy on Twitter’ was President Trump.