New season of Parks and Recreation set in dystopian future where Parks departments are outlaw rebels

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The New Season of Parks and Recreation will feature the Parks Department of Pawnee, Indiana unexpectedly leading the resistance in a dystopian future.

Producers say the unexpected development, which features the return of Chris Pratt in a considerably more heroic role, came to them from out of nowhere and was in ‘no way’ inspired by real-life events.

Set in a ‘completely made up’ world where Parks Departments have gone rogue and are leading the resistance to a government which demands complete adherence to their political whims, the network described the series as comedy, not social commentary and viewers shouldn’t read too much into it.

The first episode deliberately references the Mission Impossible films, as staff have to rappel into their own offices to access the departmental Twitter account which has been hijacked by government goons in order to release some particulate Carbon levels and bird migration data.

“It’s a really interesting new development for the series with great potential for character development,” Producers told us.

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“Ron Swanson has to decide if his loyalties lie in battling the very government he always wanted, or accepting a role in Washington writing policy to sell off the Parks.

“Leslie Knope spends the entire season trying to decide on the styling of the camouflage ghillie suits the staff now have to wear in order to avoid government drones to do their jobs.”

“While Chris Platt returns as Andy Dwyer, but, yeah, he’s kinda morphed into Star-Lord in the writers’ minds, and he just beats up baddies for pretty much the entire season.

“The production values on this season will be the best yet. Trust us; you won’t be able to tell the show from reality.”

Several members of the new Presidential administration have expressed delight at the return of the show – which is a personal favourite – but have said that scripts should be submitted to them before broadcast to ensure there is nothing political in them.