Donald Trump signs executive order to repeal all of President Bartlet’s reforms

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President Trump has signed an executive order that will repeal all of President Jed Bartlet’s key policies.

President Bartlet was a fictional president in the popular drama The West Wing. However, the new President has insisted that the reforms made during the fictional presidency are damaging the American economy and people.

“That guy Bartlet, he was a bad guy, a real bad guy. A bad President,” said the new President as his aides looked on with a mixture of trepidation and terror in their eyes.

“You know, he had that thing, that wheelchair thing. Now, I’ve got nothing against guys in wheelchairs, but I want a normal guy in the White House. That was so wrong. So wrong.”

President Trump’s full ire was reserved the former President’s job’s program.

“You know, you get these guys who don’t understand business, and I know he got a Nobel Prize for economics, but that’s not real business.

“He didn’t understand business. I understand business, I really do, and plans like this? To help ordinary people get jobs? They hurt the business owners, and those are the people who really matter. I know. I’m one of them.”

It also seems Mr Trump was no fan of the TV programme, itself.

“Terrible show. Really terrible. It was just a show about these guys, these liberal guys walking around talking. My show was better; it was better, it was. You know why?

“Because I was in it.”

However, Mr Trump was quick to be clear that he had no plans to interfere with the legacy of President Thomas J Whitmore.

“No, he’s a hero. He’s my hero. He made a stand against the aliens, led the fighter plane attack and gave the world it’s Independence Day.”