What do you mean you’re only supposed to vote once, asks Tiffany Trump

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After President Trump announced an investigation into the ‘millions’ of voters illegally registered to vote more than once, his daughter has asked if she wasn’t actually supposed to do that.

Trump insists he would have won the popular vote if it wasn’t for millions of votes cast illegally, for example by people registering more than once – and he claims his investigation only in states where Hillary won will prove him right.

However, youngest daughter Tiffany has been left confused by the planned investigation.

She told CNN, “I don’t get it, I thought the idea during an election was to get the most votes, so the more votes you can cast, the better, right?

“I thought I’d done quite badly because I’d only registered twice, but now you’re saying that was wrong too?

“Oh man, he’s going to be so pissed when he finds out one of his own children is guilty of this.

“Can we just agree to sweep this under the carpet and pretend it’s only immigrants and democrats that registered more than once?”

“Wait, what? His Senior Adviser Steven Bannon and his pick for Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are also fraudulently registered to vote in more than one state? Oh, that’s so cool – he’ll be more pissed at them, hopefully.”