Trump supporter furious after Taco Bell refuses to pay for his burrito

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Cookeville, Tennessee voter Simon-Bob Williams has reacted with fury today after his local Taco Bell said they would not cover the cost of his breakfast burrito.

Explaining the situation as slowly and gently as he was able, store manager Jose Tozar told Mr Williams that if you want something you have to pay for it yourself, either by proffering legal tender or through the exchange of goods and services in a bartered agreement.

The situation escalated at 8:37am this morning after Simon-Bob stopped for his morning snack, only to be told that if he wanted it, he’d actually have to hand over his own money rather than assuming it would be covered by someone else’s.

“This guy, he wanted a Cheese Burrito and a Mountain Dew Baha Blast and then asked for a whole bunch of sides,” manager Tozar said.

“But when we said it would cost about nine bucks – there was a lot of extras, remember, he got mad and said we’d have to pay for it for him.

“I tell you”, he added, laughing. “Anyone thinks something like that is going to happen is plum loco.

“The only way you can get other people to pay for the things you want, on nothing more than your say so, is if you live in a socialist country where you can send the special police round to make them. Otherwise, cough up.”

Although Simon-Bob has agreed to pay his bill in the short term, he reiterated his plan to enter negotiations that would result in Taco Bell covering the cost of his Cheesy Burrito Combo.

“Yeah, sure, I’ve paid for it now,” he told us.

“But I 100% guarantee that Taco Bell will pay for this great big glorious burrito that I wanted at some point, and I’m seeking a sit-down meeting with their CEO to discuss how that can happen in the near future.”

Taco bell has confirmed that to prevent people like Simon-Bob wasting their time in future they’re probably going to build a wall across the drive-thru window.