Firefighters disappointed at President Trump’s plan to ‘fight fire with fire’

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Firefighters across North America have reacted with dismay at President Trump’s insistence that the best way to fight fire is with ‘more fire’.

Trump told an NBC interviewer that he believed the way to beat ISIS is through fighting fire with fire, despite all available evidence showing that torture does not to work in gathering useful intelligence.

Fireman Chuck Williams told us, “I can assure President Trump that fighting fire with fire is literally the worst thing you can do if you want to reduce the amount of fire.

“There is a very good reason that ‘to fight fire with fire’ is the go-to analogy for the futility of trying to beat something by doing the exact same thing.

“Does he realise that our firetrucks aren’t full of petrol, kindling and firelighters?”

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Trump supporter Billy-Bob Matthews said he was all in favour of setting fire to terrorists.

He told us, “I’m happy to firebomb a couple of mosques if it will help. No? That’s not what he meant? Are you sure – it sounded pretty clear to me that he wanted me to set fire to Muslims.

“Maybe I’ll just give it a go and see how I get on.”

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