Melania Trump receives Oscar nomination for role as devoted wife of total shit

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Melania Trump has received her first Oscar nomination for her role as a loving wife to an odious part-man part-satsuma oaf in the acclaimed film, Fuck me, how is this real life?

Critics marvelled at the Slovenian model’s ability to put up with the endless torrent of shit her co-star has put her through over the last 18 months.

Academy member, Simon Williams, said, “It’s well known that Trump went through a couple of alternatives before casting Melania, but she has proven to be well worth the wait.

“There have been so many occasions when others would have broken character and just walked away.

“The grabbing pussies moment, mocking the disabled and so on, but beyond that just having to spend any length of time with Donald Trump and still being able to produce a smile is remarkable.

“Streep wouldn’t have been able to get through one take, I guarantee it.

Fuck me, this is real life is a terrifying piece of work that could have been even more horrific, but thankfully the film board said they had to cut the sex scenes for the theatrical release.

“Though sources tell me they kept them for the Russian version.”