Donald Trump announces major investigation to look for voter fraud evidence he pretended to have

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Donald Trump has announced a major investigation into voter fraud, in an attempt to find the evidence he has pretended to have since the election.

After insisting that between three and five million votes were illegally cast for Hillary Clinton, President Trump said he has complete confidence the investigation will find evidence to support his facts.

He told reporters, “I know it’s true, ok, there was lots of election fraud, terrible fraud. Lots of people are saying it, some great people are saying it.

“What we’re doing now, ok, is putting in place an investigation to prove that I am right, even though I already know I am definitely right.

“I could just show you the evidence I have already, but the dog ate it, so this investigation – which will be great by the way – will find the evidence all you people in the fake news industry want to see.”

Voter Chuck Williams said he was delighted the matter of voter fraud will finally be put to bed.

He explained, “This will finally shut up all the bleeding heart Liberal snowflakes once and for all.

“Donald Trump said massive voter fraud was a fact, and that’s good enough for me – but if they want ‘evidence’ that what Trump says is true, then I’m happy for my President to spend my tax dollars trying to find some.

“The evidence will be great, the best evidence. Lots of people will say so.”