Wednesday 25 January 2017 by Lucas Wilde

Brexit Whitepaper just says “Get Over It” in Comic Sans

Brexit whitepaper

The government’s Brexit whitepaper is to be typically enlightening.

Following pressure from the snowflake-infested, namby-pamby, hummus-filled liberal elite, the government has agreed to release a groovy leaflet that gives some vague clues as to what Brexit might look like.

“But this just says phrases like ‘get over it’ and ‘Brexit means Brexit’ in comic sans font,” said bemused journalist, Simon Williams.

“It gives nothing of substance whatsoever – which at least means the government is being consistent, I suppose.

“I know he’s a backbencher now but this positively reeks of Michael Gove – I mean literally, you can smell the grease.”

A government spokesperson said, “Michael Gove had absolutely no part in drafting this whitepaper of which he is very proud and has stuck a copy on the fridge.

“The whitepaper is incredibly clear. Brexit means Brexit. I really don’t see why anybody would need any more explanation than that.

“Now piss off and wrap yourself up warm in copies of The Guardian, or whatever you pack of whinging shits are into these days.”

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