“We won, you lost, get over it” Brexiters told outside Supreme Court

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Brexit supporters have been ‘gently encouraged’ to accept the rule of law and allow parliament to vote on whether Article 50 should be triggered.

The Supreme Court has ruled that Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the European Union, leaving all Brexit supporters having to get over it.

Remain campaigner, Simon Williams, told us, “The entire Brexit movement is really big on accepting results, so we have no doubts whatsoever that they will give a knowing nod at this result and simply get over it.

“I shouldn’t imagine there’ll be a single dissenting voice to be heard anywhere in their ranks, as they all tell each other that they lost fair and square, and it’s time to move on with their lives.

“After all, when you lose, you’ve got to try and get over it. That is the only option available to losers, as they have taught us all so well over the last six months.

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“Of course, they might want to try and overthrow the democratic rule of law, but then we might find we get some new portmanteaus like ‘crying Brexitears’ and ‘throwing a Brexitantrum’.”

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