Man who doesn’t care what you think keeps logging in to tell you so

author avatar by 6 years ago

A man who sincerely doesn’t care what you think in an Internet debate has logged in eight times and counting to tell you so.

User SiWills87, who thinks you both stupid and ignorant, has far more important things to do with his valuable time than debate with an idiot like you – and has spent much of the last hour making sure you know it.

Si, whose full name remains a mystery, keeps coming back again and again like he has nothing more important to do with his life than to get the last word over someone whose opinion he is supremely indifferent to.

Observers are beginning to think that when he says ‘I don’t care what you think’, what he actually means is ‘I love you’.

“You can always spot the people who aren’t going to understand the meaning of the word ‘joke’,” we were told.

“Their profile picture is always either a flag, a piece of classical statuary, a motorbike, or has some sort of twibbon on it.

“None of them care what you think, and are absolutely passionate about telling you so.”