“Does that mean me or Rey?” asks worried Luke Skywalker

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Luke Skywalker has asked for an urgent clarification on just who is meant by ‘The Last Jedi’.

The title of Star Wars: Episode 8 was revealed last night, leading to Skywalker urgently contacting Disney for some reassurance that he is the Jedi being referred to and not someone else.

Skywalker was not reassured when his agent at Disney cut the communication without answering the question, instead just saying that it was ‘a dumb conversation’.

“I’m the last Jedi, right? I mean, Yoda said so,” said a clearly concerned Skywalker.

“And then Rey shows up and she’s quite Jedi-y and I’m going to train her so there’s two of us now, yeah? Unless that means…uh-oh.

“Shouldn’t that be The Last Jedis? Plural? I mean, just to be sure? To make sure nobody thinks that they might be, you know, be ‘becoming one with the force hem-hem?

“Hello? Anyone? Anyone?”

Skywalker went on to say that if it were Rey who got the Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru treatment instead of him that would be ‘tragic’.

Director Rian Johnson refused to be drawn upon the meaning of the title, saying that he wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for audiences over the identity of the Last Jedi.

“Always two there are, a master and an apprentice,” he told us.

“Until the master gets it in the neck in the second reel. Oops, damn.”