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“Who’s President of the United States in 2017?” Doc Brown asks Marty McFly

Marty Mcfly Donald Trump

Doctor Emmett Brown of 1987 has reacted with scorn and disbelief after asking ‘future boy’ Marty McFly who the President of the United States is in 2017.

“Donald Trump?” he responded with a mocking cough. “The property guy?”

McFly, who has been attempting to convince Brown that he has travelled from the future using his recently-completed time machine, inadvertently damaged his credibility by giving an answer which was both truthful but also utterly incredible to people living in even the recent past.

Trump, who in 1987 is best known for publishing a ghostwritten book about doing deals and giving an interview in which he said he did not want to be President, seems an unlikely to candidate to Brown – who thinks a beltway insider more likely and has a sneaking hunch about a thrusting young lawyer who has just become Chair of the American Bar Association.

Abandoning his attempted to convince Brown with his knowledge of the future, Marty now intends to attempt to persuade the crazy inventor with knowledge of his recently completed Flux Capacitor.

In news from 2017, a White House spokesman refused to comment on speculation that Donald Trump’s fortune was founded thanks to a stolen time machine used to give his younger self a copy of the 2001 Property Investors Almanac, and Doc Brown has just returned from 2047 with a warning that we’re going to have to do something about Trump’s children.

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