Man who chanted ‘Lock her up’ at Trump rally delighted to see him give Hillary standing ovation

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Trump supporter Chuck Williams, who shouted himself hoarse at a Trump rally screaming ‘Lock her up!’ has declared himself delighted at the standing ovation given to Hillary Clinton at Trump’s inauguration ball.

After attending two events for the then presidential candidate Donald Trump, Williams was looking forward to the sight of Hillary Clinton being led away in handcuffs on inauguration day, but admits a standing ovation for her at Trump’s inauguration ball was a close second choice.

He explained, “It’s not a huge shift in position, as there’s very little difference between getting a crowd to scream about putting someone in prison, and getting a crowd to stand up in honour of that same person.

“That’s the thing about Donald; he’s nothing if not consistent in his views and opinions. We can trust him, definitely.

“Wait until you see his wall. Or not. I’m cool either way.”

President Trump’s new Press Secretary Sean Spicer said, “No-one ever shouted ‘lock her up’ at President Trump’s rallies – that’s just more dishonest media promoting fake news to delegitimise our new President.

“You’ve got video of it? Well, clearly it’s the Hollywood elite joining in with their special effects.