Crowds cheer as Grammar-Nazi punched in face on live TV

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A leading figure in the Grammar-Nazi movement has been punched in the face by a protestor during a television interview, leading cheers amongst protestors and Internet users alike.

Simon William, 38, is the leader of the National Grammar Institute and heads several think tanks dedicated the correct use of pronouns and.

As one witness explained. “It looked like he was talking to a TV reporter about the blight on society that is the grocer’s apostrophe, when suddenly this guy just appeared and punched him on the side of the head – he went down straight away, obviously.

“The the mob that arrived started chanting, ‘stick your Oxford comma up your arse’ and ‘stay down, punctuation prick’ to the tune of the Village People’s Go West.

“Grammar Nazi’s might hold abhorrent views about what is unacceptable in today’s society, but I think this attack maybe went too far. Maybe.”

The police have come in for criticism for not stopping the attack and failing to apprehend the culprit of the assault.

A police spokesperson explained, “We absolutely do not condone violence, and we believe in the sanctity of free speech – but these dickheads obviously deserve a good slap.”