Footage of violent protests convinces Trump voters they were wrong

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Footage of protestors smashing shop fronts and engaged in running battles with Washington DC police has convinced millions of Donald Trump voters they made the wrong choice.

Protestors, who used hammers to smash windows and set cars alight in Washington and other cities, have succeeded in their aim of making their political opponents realise just how wrong they were.

Branches of Starbucks, McDonalds, Bank of America and more were attacked in a move which has made many Trump supporters enter a thoughtful and reflective mood and give serious consideration to the possibility they might have erred.

Voting precincts across the United States have already been inundated by people asking if it’s too late to change their vote to Clinton after seeing protesters in Portland throwing rocks and bottles at police.

Floating voter Simon-Bob Williams was repentant this morning after watching the news.

“That guy setting a car alight really made me reconsider my political choices,” he told us.

“I voted for Obama in ’08 but realised I was wrong to do that after I saw people burning him in effigy and setting crosses on fire so I switched to Trump.

“And now that’s wrong too. I’m gettin’ to hate this voting thing. Whoever I vote for it’s wrong and someone is angry.”

When asked, Simon-Bob said that next time he’ll definitely vote for whoever the other guy is, as then nobody will be upset.