Glimmer of hope as suspicious-looking Enrico Pallazzo performs at inauguration

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Expectations have been raised of a last-minute thwarting of Donald Trump’s presidential transition, after an off-colour performance by singing star Enrico Palazzo.

Looking nervous, Mr Palazzo stumbled his way through the US national anthem before pushing his way back into the backstage area and scrabbling around frisking the other performers.

“Maybe there’s a small nuclear device hidden somewhere,” said one hopeful bystander. “Or some sort of robot-like assassin, activated by hypnotic suggestion. That sort of thing.”

Mr Palazzo was then seen sprinting towards the presidential podium, pursued by NYPD officials and Michael Flatley.
He was subsequently apprehended after a further succession of comic incidents.

In a statement, event organiser Mayor Barkley confirmed that the singer had been arrested.

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“Thankfully we got to him before he uncovered any hidden devices or sinister contract killers,” she said.

“And we wouldn’t want to find any of those, surely?”