BBC found to have ‘misrepresented’ Jeremy Corbyn as competent opposition leader

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A report from the BBC Trust has concluded that a news report about Jeremy Corbyn breached the broadcaster’s impartiality and accuracy guidelines, misrepresenting him as a competent opposition leader.

In a section of the programme focusing on a humiliating government U-turn, the BBC proclaimed that Mr Corbyn was ‘holding the government to account’ and ‘providing fierce opposition’.

However, when the facts were analysed, it was found that Corbyn had, in fact, spent most of that day at a campaign rally for ash dieback awareness and supporting the launch of a new Internet resource for jam making.

“This news segment was found to be categorically false and misleading to the public,” the BBC Trust report stated.

“Such reckless journalism not only breaches our own impartiality guidelines, it threatens public trust in the BBC.

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“It also poses a very real danger to the public, in that a person might actually be persuaded to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

“Mr Corbyn was not and clearly has never effectively held the government to account over anything, and we would like to assure viewers that all future reporting will make this absolutely clear.”

The complainant, who is not named, said that the news report misrepresented the Labour leader’s competency and general effectiveness.

Mr Corbyn responded to the report by saying: “I am glad that such allegations against me have been proven to be false.

“I would never besmirch the glowing reputation the Labour Party has built up under my leadership by being mean and attacking the Tories over anything they have done.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to the allotment before the frost gets to my rhubarb.”

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