Remoaners should stop moaning, insist people who’ve spent their lives moaning

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People who’ve spent their entire lives moaning about ‘feeling like a stranger in their own country’ or claiming ‘you can’t sing Baa Baa Black Sheep anymore’ have told Remain voters to stop moaning.

Simon Williams, who claims he regularly walks down the street without hearing one English voice, insisted Remain voters shouldn’t view Brexit as a disaster.

“EU quislings should embrace this opportunity,” he said.

“We’ve been given a chance to control our own laws and safeguard traditions that you currently can’t undertake in case it upsets a bloody Muslim.”

Despite spending the previous 25 years complaining about ‘meddlesome EU bureaucrats’ banning kettles, Leave voter Miriam Spencer has urged Britons to unite behind Brexit.

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“Traitorous remoaner scum should stop whining and accept that we’re leaving,” she said.

“They need to stop talking down the country that I no longer recognise because of all the fucking immigrants!”

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