Everyone’s a f**king economist now

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Following Theresa May’s speech on Brexit, the entire British population is a f**king economist now.

Throughout offices, pubs, and S&M dungeons across the land, people are going on about the single market and tariffs like they’ve done four years at the London School of Economics.

Simon Williams runs the Red Lion on Basingstoke High Street confirmed that many of his customers re f**king economists now.

“It’s doing my head in,” he said, shaking his head.

“You’ve got manky Sid going on about being worried about what tariffs the EU might impose in a no-deal scenario, Barry from the market arguing that although Trump’s promises for a trade deal with America shouldn’t be taken at face value, we should definitely be exploring that avenue, and old Mrs Alfree arguing cogently for remaining in the single market to keep trade barriers at a minimum to lessen the impact on economic growth in the short to medium term.”

He revealed that he’d even been called upon to deal with an unpleasant situation.

He went on, “Oh yeah, these two young lads were in last night, they’d both had a bit to drink and one was adamant that we should retain close ties with the EU as it’s the largest trading block on the planet, the other said that we would be wiser to look to Brazil and India and the like.

“So his mate glassed him.”

It is widely expected that everyone will continue to be a f**king economist until the end of the football season when everyone will become a f**king football manager.