Boost for baking industry as Brexit plan calls for nation to have cake and eat it

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Theresa May’s plans for Brexit have caused controversy across the country, but there’s one group who are looking forward to a considerable boost in their fortunes.

Bakers look to be called upon to nearly double their production to cope with Mrs May’s plans for Brexit apparently including both having cake and eating it.

“I can’t stop smiling,” said baker Simon Williams.

“Both having cake and eating it? That is going to require an awful lot of cakes because as you eat the cake it’s gone, so there literally isn’t a cake to have – therefore she will immediately need another cake standing by that she could have, but then she’ll eat that so she’ll need another one.

“It’s going to be constant demand.”

Many people would claim that both having your cake and eating it is a logical fallacy and any attempts to both ‘have’ and ‘eat’ a cake is doomed to failure before you’ve even started, however Mr Williams will not be deterred.

“No, I’ll work around the clock if I have to, otherwise the prime minister will have to import cakes from Europe and that’s going to be really expensive now.”

But that’s not the only boost for bakers, as many commentators are of the opinion that Mrs May’s plans are pie in the sky.

“Yeah, we do pies,” confirmed Mr Williams