UK will definitely get quick trade deal with US because Donald Trump always tells the truth

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Michael Gove has insisted that the UK will get a speedy trade deal with the US because president-elect Donald Trump has proven himself to be a man of his word when it comes to making deals.

Gove spent a short time repeatedly saying ‘yes’ in the presence of Donald Trump yesterday, in what some are calling an ‘interview’, and now claims to know what lies deep in the heart of the president-elect.

Gove explained, “When I asked Donald Trump if we’d now be at the front of the queue for a trade deal, he said ‘you guys are doing great’ – which clearly means ‘yes’ in anyone’s language.

“President-elect Trump has cultivated a reputation for always telling the truth about his business plans and never going back on a deal or changing the terms once the deal is struck, so I think we can take his promise to the bank.”

Others have been slightly more reluctant to take the word of Donald Trump.

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Brexit sceptic Simon Williams told us, “You know, I look at Donald Trump and I have to ask myself; is he really going to give us a quick deal, or is he just telling his audience what it wants to hear to appear likeable before changing his mind to whatever works best for Donald Trump when there’s money or power at stake?

“It’s a really difficult question, and one I’m sure I’m not alone in pondering.

“If only he had some sort of track record on promises, pledges and deals we could look to for guidance.”

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