Sherlock was much better before Brexit, insist viewers

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Sherlock has gone down hill rapidly since the country voted to leave the EU, according to fans of the show today.

With overnight viewing figures for the season 4 finale at an all-time low, fans claimed the show was better before ‘the racists pulled us out of Europe’.

Fan Simon Williams told us, “In season one, Sherlock was solving crimes using the well-known deductive skills those of us who have read the books have come to love and expect, all while UKIP was still a fringe organisation trying to scare everyone about immigrants.

“But fast forward seven years, and now we’ve got Sherlock in a life or death episode of the Krypton Factor, where Gordon Burns is played by a female sociopath, and at the same time Brexit now apparently means Brexit.

“Is that a coincidence? I think not.

“Everyone talks about the negative social and economic impacts of Brexit, but this is the real cost. A crap Sherlock is even worse than a gurning Michael Gove all over the news.

“I dread to think what’ll happen to Doctor Who if we go for a hard Brexit.”