Prince Charles writes book about superhero who talks to plants

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Prince Charles has written a book about a fictional superhero with the power to strike up a conversation with vegetation.

The Adventures of Plantman is the first in a series aimed at adults in the hope of explaining to them the complicated issues around people who talk to plants.

A spokesperson for the publisher told us, “His Royal Highness cares deeply about the issue of people who talk to plants, and so he was delighted to work on this project.

“We think it will appeal to adults and children alike, especially those who are looking for a new kind of hero – one who doesn’t fly around the sky, or shoot lasers from their eyes, or have a load of gadgets.

“Plantman will address a number of pressing issues we can all identify with, such as wondering if you’ll ever get the promotion you’ve been promised, or whether your son is really yours or someone else’s.

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“And he will do all of that by finding some quiet time to talk these issue through with whatever is growing in the greenhouse at the time.”

“Yes, the movie rights are still available, why do you ask?”

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