Saturday 14 January 2017 by Davywavy

Chinese to make cheap, easily broken knock-off Diego Costas

Diego Costa China knockoff

The sale of Diego Costa to China will result in the transfer market being flooded with cheap, easily broken reproductions within weeks, experts have warned.

Costa has been the subject of an approach from the Chinese super-league, who intend to mass-produce copies which will break if they so much as touch a football, much like Raheem Sterling.

Football experts fear Costa will fall prey to China’s notoriously lax copyright laws, allowing him to be reproduced at an offensively low quality before being shipped back to Europe in huge quantities.

“It’s outrageous that we’re thinking of allowing the Chinese to flood our transfer market with these shoddy knock-offs,” said Chelsea fan Simon Williams.

“Obviously this mass-produced rubbish will undercut current players despite being of very low quality, perhaps only good enough to play for Portsmouth or AFC Wimbledon.

“If we don’t protect vital premier League Players from foreign buyouts, who knows where it will end? It’ll be like every team is fielding eleven Paddy McNairs, only worse.”

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